Work and training program on livestock farms and crop farms abroad!

Work and training program on livestock farms and crop farms abroad!

Sectors: livestock farming, crop production, custom harvesting, equine farms, aquaculture etc.

Countries: United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway

We can offer plenty of opportunities in the agricultural sector in so many countries of 3 different continents. You can work on large crop farms with the biggest and the most modern farm machinery in America or in Australia. The stock-breeders and stockmen mostly can chose between the dairy farms, beef cattle farms, and pig farms. The previous working experience on animal farms is an advantage, but not a necessary requirement in case of a job on a Danish farm.


  • Pursuing agricultural studies or graduation
  • Studies in mechanics for custom harvesting, and also driving license for trucks, tractors or loaders
  • Foreign language skills
  • Previous experience in the sector you have chosen
  • Good physical and mental conditions
  • Clear criminal record
  • Some of our programs don’t require previous farm experience, only language skills (For example farm work in Denmark)


  • Previous experience abroad: study or exchange program etc.

What we can offer:

  • Wages: USA min. $ 9,50/hour + 50% overtime, AUS min. $ 17,70/hour, NZ min. $ 16/hour, Denmark min. DKK 1890/moths, but the minimum wage is according to the laws and regulations of the receiving country
  • Mostly weekly salary, but sometimes monthly salary depends on the farm
  • Full administration assistance
  • Assistance in visa and insurance application
  • The farms provide accommodations


How to apply:

Application through the page Contact, or please call us! +36 20 9294669

Learn more about the recent open positions on our up-to-date facebook page!

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We take applications to our programs from the surrounding countries as well:

Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Zakarpatska Region of Ukraine